Simple Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss

Published: 27th May 2010
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People who suffer from sudden hair fall get alarmed and become so eager to find the most effective ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss. According to several hair experts, hair loss is mainly caused by stress, sickness, or bad diet.

Instead of immediately consulting a hair expert, there are several things hair loss sufferers can do to make their hair healthier. They may not be able to totally treat the condition, but at least, they can do reduce hair loss. The following are the three major tips on how to treat or at least, prevent hair loss:

Tip #1- Keep your hair clean.

Make sure you take a bath daily and use shampoo and conditioner regularly. It is not necessary whether you're using the shampoo being advertised on TV or not. In fact, you may also use natural shampoos like black gram powder and ripe soap nut. Remember, natural products are better than those you see on ads because they usually contain so many chemicals.

Tip #2- Massage your scalp with oil.

Common oils used in massaging scalp include coconut oil, almond oil, or castor oil. These oils are effective in promoting hair growth. After applying the oil, cover your head with a warm towel to let the oil be absorbed easily.

Tip #3- Apply other sources of great nutrients that can boost hair growth.

Fenugreek seed paste and egg yolk are among the best sources of nutrients that can help your hair grow healthier. You may combine eggs, honey, and olive oil and apply the mixture to the hair to boost its growth. Another way to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss is applying a mixture of glycerine, egg, oil, and vinegar.

All of the three tips mentioned above are great help in preventing and treating hair loss. Aside from those home remedies, you should also observe proper, healthy diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and other food items high in protein. Hair loss sufferers should also drink lots of water and consume foods rich in iron such as spinach.

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